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Specialized one-stop cross border trade finance boutique

Being the official strategic partner of the FIMBank Group in Eastern Europe and also a member of the International Factors Group gives our team the advantage of working from every corner of the world in order to provide the best achievements.

In a global world, we provide tailor-made trade finance solutions and products for corporates that trade goods and services both on their domestic markets and also internationally. Our team helps companies that either need restructuring or adjusting of their financial management, improving the global performance and building business models set up to deliver top results.

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Consulting and advisory

Turnarounds, expansions, aquisitions and management buyouts are just a few of the ways in which we can help your business quickly achieve and maintain its full potential results.

Through due dilligence processes, our team first understands the way in which your company is run from the operational and financial point of view, in order to structure the optimal future level of financing and the best management practices.